Incident in Freddy's was a problem that happened in 1992. Buddy was hidden here, The guy behind all is a staff from SnowBiz.

What happened Edit

It happened on July 17, 1992. (The time is unknown) after the show. A guy, just looking like Mike Schmidt told Buddy that he got to tell him something, Buddy didn't regnorize but this was one of the staff of the enemy pizzaria, SnowBiz. He took Buddy to Fazbear's Pizzaria and hid him in the basement.

Evidence? Edit

Of course there we're evidence! (We had an attorney for this, read below for more) Here are some of them:

  • A cartidge. (It was from Buddy's favourite game: Ice Climber)
  • A fake paper made by him (That guy)
  • A golf stick
  • Buddy's Lawsuit paper over bootlegs.
  • Fingerprints of the weirdo on every evidence (That guy)
  • Dr. Mario's diagnostic list

Suing SnowBiz Edit

Of course we DID sue them, but we we'rent that powerful, we tried a lot of attorneys but we finally did it. Here is the cast in the court

  • Attorney: Phoenix Wright
  • Prosecutor: Miles Edgeworth (Oh gosh)
  • Judge
  • Defendant: SnowBiz
  • Victim: Buddy's Family Diner

The case did go well, we won it.