Buddy as he appears in "Buddy's Adventure"

Buddy Fazbear is an blue, almost a big like-a-like with Freddy Fazbear. He is friendly, likes making new friends, likes video games, plays chess and its very smart. Buddy was found in 1993, in the basement of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria (FNaF1). It's most likely that he was an animatronic that actually was used for helping the nightguard. He has all 3 forms: Normal, Withered and Toy but not Phantom. Until today, Buddy finally started working. The company made him was "Anime Creations Inc. (C)"

Favourite Video Games


Buddy's Adventure - Early Screenshot

As you remember, Buddy likes video games. Here are some of them:

Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, SEGASonic the Hedgehog, Pac-man,

Breakout and Buddy's Adventure (his own game)

More about our Buddy!


Buddy has been known also as the: Blue Fazbear. He is not always seen. If you see an blue bear, thats Buddy! After you learned alot of him, try searching him around FNaF1 or FNaF2! Buddy will teach you how to play chess! Or even maybe... become friends!


  • Most likely it said that Buddy has been used for helping the nightguard. But, he is not seen, possible a easter egg?
  • A remake of Buddy's Adventure has been in development by "Messo OS".
  • There is an hidden message in the guarantee card as the model. (5r13nd7anim - friendlyanim).
  • Buddy is an champion of the Animatronic Chess 1981-1992.
  • He is known as being the "Bulgarian Animatronic" since he is living in Bulgaria.
  • Buddy can play alot of instruments, including his country's.
  • Buddy appears on two sites: Buddy Fazbear Wiki, and FNaF~OC.