Buddy's Family Diner is the first place that became Buddy's home. It's listen in two locations, Animatronic Town, Zoima 15 and Sofia, Bulgaria.

Map layout Edit


As you can see here are all of the locations of the map

  • Show Stage
  • Storage
  • Arcade
  • Dining Area
  • Kitchen
  • Left and Right hall
  • Nightguard's Office
  • Playground

History Edit

As of 1981, Buddy's Family Diner was opened. No incidents happened since all these years. Buddy was the only animatronic. But in 1987 he was not alone, Buddy was with Freddy. As of 1992 the pizzaria closed since one of the animatronic (Which was Buddy) was hid in the Freddy's Pizzaria.

After 18 years, Buddy was found and re-opened. Freddy was back, with a new friend, BB. And after that, the pizzaria was finally kicked back.


The cassette

Trivia Edit

  • The casette of Animatronic Chess 1981-1992 was found in the storage.
  • The show stage has special effects that at Freddy's hasn't.
  • The dining area is big as 5 playgrounds at once.
  • The arcade contains a lot of games, including Buddy's Adventure
  • The playground can contain at least 50 kids at once
  • The pizza (+ drink) is only 1.99$
    • While at Freddy's its 3.99$