Lilly Sasha Fox Edit

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Lilly S. Fox (also stylized as Lilly Sasha Fox) is a teenage girl born 30th January, 1998. Lilly is friendly, always happy, and has a secret crush on Foxy. She is also a lost sister of Buddy, found in 2009, at age of 12

Fatoshi Fazbear Edit

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Fatoshi M. Fazbear (also stylized as Fatoshi Miso Fazbear) is a teenage boy born March 21, 1995. Fatoshi is a pro gamer, and a student at Animatronic Studio University. He is a long lost brother of Buddy, found in 2008, at age of 19.

Bianca Fazbear Edit

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Idran Fazbear Edit

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Mika Fazbear Edit

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