Buddy's Adventure is Buddy's first video game, only one screenshot has been seen and published to public. Since "Messo OS" has been making a remake of Buddy's Adventure... so lets see how it goes in the original version


The first and last screenshot of the game

How to play

^ Button for grabbing things

< and > for walking

v is used for ducking

A is used for Jump

B is used for Run


One day, Buddy walked around Animatronicvilliage meeting his friends (Freddy, Fredbear, Bonnie, Foxy, BB and many more...) After a while... Everyone diaspeared from nowhere. Only Buddy was there. He told himself: "I should save the others, it will be a adventure" and after that you start the game.


You know that only one stage was released right? Well you got it wrong! The name of the stages we're releaved at the press conference in 1979. Here are the most of them:

Green Hill Zone - Levels: 3
Hidden Maze Zone: Levels: 3
Ice Cap Zone - Levels: 3
Fatal Light Zone - Levels: 3
Flying Zone (Final) - Only one level



There is a anti-piracy screen which is really creepy. If you try copying the game on a disk/floppy disk/chip you will get it. Its Buddy in Golden Freddy's pose, with a little white eyes and a message "YOU CANT". Buddy was never supposed to be scary, but he hates anti-piracy, so he created this hidden message in the game.


  • In the screenshot the high score is actually its release date of the original game
  • The game has sereval prototypes available back in 1979, but the floppy disks containing the prototypes we're found. Only 1 disk was broken, all other 19 we're fine and still working.
  • The game has been released and still available in Buddy's Family Diner, since of 1984