Anime Creations Inc. (C) HQ is located in Kyoto, Japan. It's based in two HQ's. The first one is next to Nintendo (C) and the second one is in AEON Mall KYOTO


Anime Creations Inc. (C) as drawn in the August Fun Day back in 1992

Database Edit

The database is located in the first HQ, every animatronic's data is written here, including data emulator for saving and loading data. (Emulator's latest version is: 0.5v, designed from Europe)

Database attack Edit

Back in 1990, the database was infected with a virus called "VIRS_EN". VIRS stands for VIRUS, while EN stands for a english version, the server (or database) was infected with 2 more versions, Russian and German.

Then in 2001 the database was infected again by a virus called "NT_01". NT stands for WindowsNT and 01 is standing for ver. 01, which was infected too.