Anime Creations Inc. (C) is the company behind Buddy and Fazbear OS. It is noticable but if you look at the logo (Right there -->) You can see Fredbear which is their own character/mascot. For a example, Anime Creations Inc. wasn't only for animatronics, they once created a Animation (アニメ in Japanese) about Ace Attorney and one based on Buddy. It's located in Kyoto, Japan and Sofia, Bulgaria. [Current motto: Build-a-Animatronic Workshop]

History Edit

  • 1975: The company became a thing
  • 1978: The first sketch of Fredbear and Buddy we're released
  • 1979: Buddy's Adventure was released as a demo. And Fredbear became the mascot
  • 1980: Buddy's Adventure, the full game was released.
  • 1981: Fredbear's and Buddy's Family Diner opened and Animatronic Chess 1981-1992 became a thing
  • 1983: Bite of 83' occured at Fredbear's
  • 1985: Buddy's Adventure (the anime) Episode 1 - 23 aired on "Animatronic TV"
  • 1986: Buddy's Adventure Season 2 aired with 30 episodes and Fazbear OS 3.1 was created (Buddy was still using 1.0)
  • 1987: Buddy's Family Diner opened in Bulgaria, The Bite of 87' occured and Buddy's Adventure aired in Bulgaria
  • 1991: Anime Creations Inc. has now its own Copyright and Season 3 of Buddy's Adventure aired with 35 episodes
  • 1992: Buddy hid from public and lawsuit over SnowBiz
  • 1993: Buddy's return to pizzaria, Season 4 aired with 50 Episodes
  • 2001: Ace Attorney anime aired on "Animatronic TV" for a test.
  • 2009: The woke of Buddy
  • 2010: The beggining of Animatronic Chess 20XX

Copyright issues Edit

Anime Creations Inc. had sued a LOT of companies, because of using their content and stealing animations and games (Most likely Buddy's Adventure anime) Here a list of them:

  • 4KIDS! - Airing Buddy's Adventure
  • Cúla 4 - Airing Buddy's Adventure
  • Teletoon - Airing Buddy's Adventure
  • Disney Channel - Airing Buddy's Adventure
  • and many more...

Trivia Edit

  • Anime Creations Inc. actually was inspired nothing but Chuck. E. Cheese.
  • It was heard but when it was 1975, Buddy's real name was gonna be "Mr. Tie"
  • In 2001 the Ace Attorney anime was inspired by Buddy's favourite game, which was it.
  • There was a 36 episode in Season 3 of Buddy's Adventure but it was never aired
  • Buddy's Adventure Demo has a hidden level select which has 2 MORE levels than the original game which we're: Test Zone (Act's we're 2) and Computer Zone
  • Buddy's Adventure was sold on the Sega Master System for 49.99$
    • While at the NES was sold only for 19.99$