Animatronic Chess 20XX is an newer version of Animatronic Chess 1981-1992.

Story Edit

After Buddy's woking, officially the new Animatronic Chess event became a thing. It became at 2010, but Buddy woke 2009. As it was heard, Buddy became the champion again.

Rules Edit

  • No cheating
  • Touched piece must be moved
  • No swearing
  • Only one round
  • No gambling (Not to bet money who will win)
  • (NEW RULE!) Judges select should be there a group or alone play

Chess Battles Edit

  • 2010: Fredbear and Spring Bonnie vs. Buddy and Mario64gamer
  • 2011: Freddy vs. Buddy
  • 2012: Springtrap and Plushtrap vs. Buddy and Mario64gamer
  • 2013: Mike Schmidt vs. Buddy
  • 2014: Bonnie vs. Buddy
  • 2015: Foxy vs. Buddy
  • 2016: Mario64gamer vs. Buddy (draw)
  • 2017: Mike Schmidt vs. Mario64gamer