Story Edit

Animatronic Chess 1981-1992 is a special event that happens every August of 13. Every animatronic challenges another, that ANOTHER animatronic was Buddy. Over all these years, only Buddy was the one who beats them. Until 1993, when Buddy was hidden in the basement at Freddy's. This time, everyone was shocked. So, they canceled it for Buddy's peace.

Animatronic Chess 20XX Edit

Animatronic Chess 20XX belongs to its own page. Please click the link to see it. (Animatronic Chess 20XX contains a new rule - Groups)

Chess battles Edit

  • 1981: Fredbear vs. Buddy
  • 1982: Spring Bonnie vs. Buddy
  • 1983: Freddy vs. Buddy
  • 1984: Bonnie vs. Buddy
  • 1985: Chica vs. Buddy
  • 1986: Foxy vs. Buddy
  • 1987: Golden Freddy vs. Buddy
  • 1988: Freddy vs. Buddy (Rematch)
  • 1989: Fredbear vs. Buddy (Rematch)
  • 1990: Springtrap vs. Buddy
  • 1991: BB vs. Buddy
  • 1992: Springtrap vs. Buddy (Rematch)
  • 1993: [CANCELED UNTIL 20XX]

Rules Edit

  • No cheating
  • Touched piece must be moved
  • No swearing
  • Only one round
  • No gambling (Not to bet money who will win)

Trivia Edit

  • The first battle ever has a VHS cassette hidden somewhere in Buddy's Family Diner
  • Most battles we're faced in Freddy's Pizzaria and a bit of Fredbear's.